Barriers to growth are abundant
– find the way around

For a start-up company, it is often a fact that everything must be invented from scratch and that marketing budgets are very limited. Therefore, it is more demanding to achieve success with its communication.

In Catalyst we have entrepreneurial experience, partly with own start-ups and as co-founders / investors. Therefore, we are happy to work with start-ups and venture companies, since we can assist with relevant marketing know-how and make good use of our large network of experts who can be involved whenever necessary.

In a growth business, the requirements for strategy and positioning are particularly high, as one is often the challenger in an established industry. You often have just one shot at success, so the aim must be properly set before activities are started and budgets are applied.

The strength of a newly established activity is, however, that one is not hampered by old habits and a ‘tired’ brand story. But disruptive thinking must be completely implemented in order to succeed. It requires partly that the correct idea is communicated with edge, partly that campaigns and media planning are performed with the same sharpness; Not least on social media, as the right digital expertise often can prove to be the difference between success and failure.

The latest start-up and venture cases we have worked with:

  • A eyewear chain with establishment and marketing in DK and UK (venture)
  • A manufacturer of 3D high performance glass (venture)
  • A portal for classical artists (venture)
  • Establishment (and co-founding) of the health app, which will form the basis for the world’s largest patient movement (start-up + venture), and
  • Establishing a French housing portal (start-up + founding)