Our point of departure is disruption. Today, it is a word that is unfortunately used much too widely, but it is based on well-established thinking:

We help companies establish a clear vision and break free from the conventional thinking that prevents the realisation of it.
We do this by challenging every aspect of the business, the brand and the company’s understanding of itself – all in the context of both industry and customers.
The goal is to find the idea and vision that can form the basis for communication – and engage both customers, employees and the outside world.

In this process, we contribute with expertise in strategy, branding, marketing and communication – to create the basis source for growth.

The initial process often looks as follows:
* De-brief with management about opportunities and objectives in the future
* Analysis:
– Interviews with customers and employees,
– Desk research by market and competitors, as well
– Media analysis
* Workshop with management and selected key persons
* Determining the company’s DNA and brand history
* Strategic recommendation and goal setting
* Marketing plan (12-18 months) as well as media recommendation and budgeting
* Campaign development, execution and follow-up

At Catalyst, we build cooperation with our customers on presence and confidence. We want to work with companies where we are close to everyday life and decision making – so that we add as much value as possible.

Therefore, we would like to spend a few days in the company a month. It makes it possible to ‘articulate’ the company even sharper, as well as ask the right critical questions for the future.

We also put a team around our customer. The team consists of the Catalyst core team and those from our network, which we from experience know are best suited for the task.
We always act cost-effectively as we allocate the right resources to the specific tasks, neither more nor less – and of course, in agreement with the customer.