A brand’s role is to create trust and confidence

We live in a time when more and more services from eg. insurance companies, airlines, public institutions and banks are being automated. This means that our closest and strongest relationship with all these companies will be governed solely by their brand and reputation, and this is why branding and communication will play a much greater role in the future.

The human relationship is basically reduced in many places as self-service progresses. It challenges loyalty and sets new standards for brand behavior for many companies to a degree that has never seen before.Skærmbillede 2017-03-13 kl. 07.07.17

B2C brands play a decisive role in creating trust and confidence with the consumer. When market-leading brands manage to maintain their positions year after year, it is because they act not only as the most trustworthy brands, but also create a strong emotional connection with the consumer and thereby create preferences.

But a relationship does not do it alone. The consumer also expects change and innovation, so a brand must also be able to be both trendsetting and relevant with products as well as services.

This keeps the consumer’s curiosity and adds references to the consumers self-image and helps ensure that it is precisely your brand that the consumer reaches for at the supermarket shelves.