Catalyst is a business consultancy focusing on growth – achieved through marketing and communication

At Catalyst we help companies that have a pronounced desire for growth and a company’s potential for growth is highly dependent on its ability to bring marketing and innovation together in a dynamic form that gives customers a better and easier everyday life. We act as the agent of change that accelerates both the brand and the business towards strategic goals.

Growth is spawned by a successful business strategy and it is a dynamic management tool that should be used in everyday life of any business. With this tool you are guaranteed that everyone in the company draws in the same direction, knowing what goals are set and how the company intends to achieve them.

Based on our core team of senior management consultants, we cooperate on creating strategy and objectives. Then we put a team of creatives and media people around the company that develops the elements and activates the channels that are needed to reach the goals.

Thus, the company benefits from hand-picked skills with relevant experience – and those resources are only to the extent that they are needed.

Catalyst - it causes or accelerates a reaction. 
It is an Agent of Change.